Validate Your Children

When travelling on public transport we always need to validate our ticket by swiping on and or swiping off. This makes the ticket valid for that trip.

Our children look to us as their parents to validate them as valuable, contributing and worthwhile human beings. We “swipe on” by encouraging our children, being attentive to them, spending lots of meaningful time with them, one to one, as well as altogether as a family.

When we make the effort to attend their sporting or creative events and show genuine interest in their hobbies and pursuits we are adding to this validation.

When you write notes of affirmation or send them a hand written letter that communicates our love to them that is letting them know how much they mean to you that is validating them.

A boy wants to know above all things that he measures up as a man in his father’s sight and that he is loved unconditionally by his mother.

A girl likes to know that she is a princess in her Father’s eyes and that she is loved and emotionally connected to her mum.

Take a moment to ask yourself, “What have I actively done this week to affirm, encourage and lift up my child?”

In other words, “Have I validated my child as someone that is of enormous value to me this week and is a truly wonderful human being just because they are who they are?

PS. Unlike a train or bus trip, you never actually swipe off as a dad.

Once a dad always a dad.


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New website is under construction

I am using the GDGD site  temporarily to gear up for my new website.

Mal White is a Business and Organisation Growth Coach (BGC).

He works with you and your team to increase your market reach and your market share.

Whether you want to:

  • build your leadership capacity
  • strengthen and improve team development
  • identify, review and / or realign your professional values, strengths and strategies
  • expand your brand
  • increase your revenue through improved client engagement and sales

Mal will coach you and your staff to reach further and enjoy greater success.

Mal’s Track Record

Starting his first business at 15 and then building 6 more personally owned businesses, writing 3 books and many published articles, together with a blog with a reach expanding across 106 countries, Mal has literally pounded the pavement and knocked on thousands of doors to get his ventures off the ground.

In 2003 Mal was engaged by World Vision to develop a strategy to establish a new national mentoring program for Aussie kids needing support. He was given the task to work with WVA staff and to oversee the National Marketing and Promotion activities required to build what is today Australia’s largest and most influential mentoring program. (according to independent research by Griffith University).

Mal has worked with Tech startups, Allied Health Professionals setting up their new practice, Mission Australia to establish a new national program addressing homelessness, CBM and The Australian Government’s Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

Since 2012 Mal has worked with a technology company to increase their market share by over 65% and their income by several million dollars.

Mal has worked with dozens of Not For Profit organisations also to help them increase efficiencies through automating many of their business processes, reduce their operational costs and increase their client engagement.

Mal’s intellectual property on How to make Growth Happen is available to you and your business or organisation.

As a Certified Business and Executive Coach, Mal typically works alongside you and your team for 12-24 months.

As an educator by background he also understands how to empower people to learn and then apply their new knowledge for immediate and measurable results.

What others have said:

“Mal’s coaching and strategic input helped us develop our 5 year vision and action plan. The leadership course he took our senior staff through was excellent and favourably received by all.” Jocelyn Furlan, Chair – Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

“Mal White is a credible voice in our society, an excellent communicator.” Tim Costello – past CEO World Vision

“One of the best communicators I have ever heard.” Alan Dunn, Chaplain -Essendon Football Club.

“Mal’s book needs to be read by every dad in Australia.” Warwick Marsh,  National Director – Fatherhood Foundation of Australia.

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An inspiring story from a Dad


Hi Mal,

Thank you for sharing your ongoing story with us Dads.

Its nice to see your blog back and see you have pulled through a very tuff time.

Your story puts things right into perspective for me. Looking at our own lives, it makes you think about how important the simple things in life really are. Those everyday moments that we have with our children, especially whilst it is just a fleeting moment they are young. With the pressures of work and ever changing happenings in our lives – it is challenging. Your story is inspiring and uplifting to see that you are doing well now and remaining so positive. Well done Mal! Its such a credit to you.

I remember meeting you at Eastwood primary school and enjoying your discussions, I will never forget that time and will treasure it. Soon after that night I enrolled my son in guitar lessons and included myself in his practice lessons. Its been almost 18 months now and we have been spending time together consistently to learn this great instrument. All inspired from that night with you. When I think back I can still hear your playing in my head today.

The time spent with my 11 year old son has been so enriching and rewarding and our relationship has grow so much from this common interest. Doing this has switched me off from those everyday pressures and brought us a lot closer. Not only has this effect my son’s and my relationship it has contributed to a loving and bonding family time with the rest of the family. Onto of this we are getting damn good at playing.

Take care Mal and thank you, keep up the great work, your message is positive and enlightening!

Ken D

What a powerful story, I am inspired.
What new hobby might you take up with your child?

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Playgroups for Dads

logo for FB

Welcome to the Good Dads Great Dads blog. There are more than 100 articles I have written for you on this site covering many aspects of being a dad. Enjoy a scroll through them and I’m sure you’ll find something that will encourage you today.








I recently had the privilege of meeting and spending some time with Ian Coombe, CEO of Playgroups Queensland (PGQ). PGG have an impressive 1000 playgroups meeting on a weekly basis. What an incredible achievement and good on all those people facilitating these playgroups.

I was inspired by Ian’s vision for developing men’s playgroups. Thinking outside the square of 9-5 when most dads are at work, Ian is promoting men’s playgroups that can take place on Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon or any alternative time that works for dads, their kids and their families.


PGQ are aiming to promote “Blokes with Little Folks” groups. Ian says the benefits for men being able to enjoy interaction with other dads in the midst of sandpit fun, playground frivolity, finger painting and story reading are invaluable. I agree.







Meeting weekly for an hour or so to have fun with a small bunch of dads and their kids is a great activity for many reasons.
Here are a few I can think of;
1. Make new friends.
2. Be able to encourage other dads in their fathering.
3. Have a good laugh.
4. Enjoy just having fun with your children in the company of other dads doing the same.
5. Observe how other dads interact with their children and pick up a few tips.
6. Give mum a break.
7. Cultivate your relationship with your child.
8. Its good therapy and who doesn’t want that?
9. You may find you get some support when you face some of life’s challenges through the camaraderie and mateship that develops and vice versa.
10. You will get some physical exercise as a bonus.

To find out if there is a dad’s playgroup near you or to get help to start one up contact your state playgroup body.
Here are some of their websites;

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Good Dads GREAT DADS would like to congratulate LIFE OF DAD in the USA for reaching 1,000,000 likes on their FaceBook Page.
This is such a phenomenal effort from a great bunch of people genuinely aiming to connect with, and support, dads worldwide.

Check out their Facebook page and let’s help them get to 2,000,000.
Kind regards,
Mal White of father and daughter playing

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When dads do it tough.

Most people do it tough at some stage or another. We in the West don’t really do suffering that well, nor are we that comfortable talking openly with each other about our difficulties and hardships. Frankly, a lot of people don’t really care enough anyway.
sad dad sad man 2

As a man you may be facing a tough patch right now. Be it in relationship issues, work problems, health problems or financial grief. Whatever you are facing, the loved ones in your life need to know how they can support you and how you can still be effective in their lives. The following piece by me will hopefully give you a little encouragement.
sad man

I felt the need to share why I have been absent for a year from blogging for my readers.

Many of you are aware that I have been a Leukaemia patient for eight years and that in itself poses a challenge as the medication can really mess with my head, body and lifestyle.

My last medication unfortunately caused my arteries to shrink and the circulation was so bad in my legs that I almost lost the ability to walk. To add insult to injury I was also diagnosed with 4 blocked arteries in my chest which is cardiovascular disease, for which I am now on heart medication. At one stage I was seeing the Cardiologist, the Vascular Surgeon, the Oncologist, my GP and a Chinese doctor for TCM treatment.

The stress and disappointment of this series of confronting health issues together with the concoction of countless drugs eventually contributed to me having a meltdown as a result of massive loss of sleep, anxiety and some depression. Additional medication and weekly Doctor visits and counselling have helped me get back on track. Countless people have been praying for me and my recovery.

I wondered if I would ever be better again. Well, I’m back and have fresh motivation and new insight to connect with you through this blog.

Writing a blog to inspire other dads took a back seat in my priority list. Sorry that I stopped providing the input into your fathering but I think you can appreciate my distraction.

My beautiful wife Karen has had to be a tower of strength for me throughout my hardship.

As a dad that wishes he was totally fit and healthy, I wanted to help my sons try and understand what I was going through. This was not always easy. Children, no matter what their age, like their dad to be strong, healthy and vibrant.

I had lost all my joy and felt completely washed up at one point.

You may have faced significant hardship yourself or you may be in a place of pain right now. As a dad your children need you to be there. They need to have some insight into your struggle. Firstly, so they can be sensitive to your needs. Secondly, so they can experience some of your vulnerability and thirdly, so they can love you and care for you. This will take various degrees of effectiveness as different children are wired differently. Some will be more caring and empathetic and some will not.

The reason I am open with you is because I want you to take courage and hope from my story and find personal application for your own life and journey as a dad.

4 Things I recommend you to do when you are facing a personal struggle.

1. Be authentic. Communicate with your family that you are going through a tough time and explain why. The level of detail is relative to the ages of your children and the level of empathy they have.

2. Be man enough to seek out professional help from a Doctor and counsellor. Don’t face this stuff on your own. You are ripping yourself off and also those around you if you don’t seek out professional help when you need it.

3. Eat healthily and exercise daily to boost your wellbeing.

4. Associate with positive people that genuinely care and can be an encouragement to you.

I am now climbing out of a significant low time in my life. I am optimistic and hopeful.
These five things were key to helping me move forward.

May you be encouraged to push through your pain with help from others.

Once a dad always a dad. Remember that your children need you to be there for them in spite of what you are going through. It’s ok to go through tough times. We seem to grow deeper through the hardships but would never put our hand up to volunteer for them.

Please feel free to add your own comments to what I have shared today and share it with others if you like.
Son father and grandfather cropped-logo-for-fb.jpg

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Empty Nesting


Our youngest son has just left home. My wife and I feeling the empty nest. Its so quiet. Nice.
We have one son in the USA soon to be living and working on Hamilton island, one son living locally and our youngest is now living and working at Uluru, central Australia.

At 51, I am enjoying the prospect of being just a couple again.
As a dad its great to see your children find their way in life with a number of stops and starts along the way. Oh and did I mention bruises?

As dads we often wish our kids would make different decisions than they do. However as individuals they have to develop their own independence even if it means getting hurt along the way.

If you have ever seen a butterfly trying to break free from its cocoon it could be tempting to help them as it looks like such a struggle for them. This is the worst thing we could do for them. They need the struggle to strengthen their wings in order to fly.

How similar is that to life for our kids. We want sometimes to make their decisions for them or suggest what action they should take. They grow strong through trials just as we have had to.

Finding independence is like finding wings. Free to fly and enjoy what life has to offer.
Its a different world than even one generation ago. The world has opened up and there are so many opportunities available.

Whilst we get used to our new empty nest we will enjoy seeing our boys build their lives in this bug wide world of ours.

Would you like to add any wisdom to that from your experience? Simply write your comments and once screened by me I will share them.

PS I have a pop top caravan for sale if anyone is looking to buy one. see Facebook pages for details.

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Mainly Music promoting GDGD at conference.


I am thrilled that Mainly Music are promoting and selling the Good Dads GREAT DADS book at their conferences in New Zealand tomorrow and in Australia in June. The book will be available through their online store as well. This is a great program that is reaching many many families. I have been a volunteer with them in the past and I strongly endorse their work.
You may like to support them.


You have not heard from me for a while, partly due to the challenges I have faced with the ongoing leukaemia battle and partly as I needed to take a break from blogging.

I have been learning lots as a dad as my children work through the young adult stages of life and will share some fresh insights with you in the coming weeks.

My first reflection is that their ways are not our ways. We may have expectations, time frames and practical ways to do things. They may want to learn for themselves through their own experience and not be super prepared for each and every activity. I know my wife and I have had to back off from our enthusiastic suggestion making and advice giving. It is good to encourage their individuality even if we sometimes wish they would just take and act on all our wisdom and advice.


We believe we can offer so much and sometimes this input is welcomed or asked for and at other times it is not and can only bring down the “cone of silence” around them as they just don’t want one more person to tell them which course to look into, which book to read, which website to research and which country to go to or which relative to visit.

Once a dad always a dad. We continue to live and learn as we go.

Father and daughter in mountains

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GDGD article


Good Dads GREAT DADS is featured in a South Australian magazine this week. The magazine is available in coffee shops and public free reading stands etc as well as in Koorong Bookstores.

They have also written a positive review of the book. This sure does help to get a message of encouragement out there to dads that we need to be the generation that makes a huge leap forward in being highly engaged with our children and very effective in their upbringing.

Click here to read the article and scroll through the magazine.

Be sure to scroll through and enjoy some of the many articles I have written for your inspiration and encouragement here at Good Dads GREAT DADS.


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Great Relationships

Fresh inspiration for dads.

Welcome to the 100th post on the Good Dads GREAT DADS website. This is where fatherhood is celebrated and men are encouraged to be the greatest dads they can be for the sake of their children.



In July 2010, I sat down at my computer and put this blog site together on WordPress. I was stuck at home as a patient having a prolonged battle with Leukaemia. I had applied for a few jobs and continued to be beaten by the “other” guy.

I was unemployed, financially broke and dealing with medication and tiredness. The one thing I wanted to do was encourage other men in their relationship with their children. So I began to write. It was something I could do.

I am a dad. I have 3 grown boys. The, eldest at 24 has announced he is moving out this coming Wednesday. One son has already moved out and our youngest at 21, remains at home. I love being a dad.

I needed to learn how to be an effective dad because I wanted to give my boys the very best chance in life and for more selfish reasons, I wanted to build a close relationship with my children. One that I would hopefully get to enjoy for a lifetime.

This is something I wish I could have enjoyed with my own dad.

I desired to write of my experiences in a way that would encourage other dads (and anyone else that enjoyed what I had to say).

There are now visits to this site from over 106 countries and I am privileged to have been able to write a book on the subject which is selling in many countries as well.

I have been back in the workforce for over 2 years and am enjoying good health. (I still look forward to the day when I am clear of Leukaemia)

As I take a moment to think about having written 100 entries here, I am reminded why I continue to do it. Every dad needs encouragement to continue to be awesome in their children’s lives. The years we have our children in our care goes quickly and we need to make every day count.



I will never reach every dad with me my message, but I am very glad to have contributed into the lives of the ones I have connected with through this blog and through the book.

If you have been finding value and fresh inspiration from my blog then I am glad to have made that contribution and I will continue to do so.

Please take the time to scroll through the past blogs to see what subject grabs your attention.

My top 5 suggestions for building great relationships with your children.
1. Schedule regular one to one time with each child (eg dad and daughter date or father and son adventures)
2. Show an interest in whatever they are interested in (their various hobbies or sports).
3. Communicate your feelings to them. (Tell them why you are proud of them, how much you love them. This can be both verbal and written in a letter/card, preferably both).
4. Be a great role model for them in every area of life. You are their personal text book of how to behave, react and respond in every area of life.
5. Make it a priority to build great family memories. Family fun nights, overnight getaways, and family holidays are some great ways to create strong family memories.


Grab a copy of Good Dads GREAT DADS for a super boost in building great relationships with your children.

May you continue to strive to be a GREAT DAD!

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Author Mal White

Author Mal White

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