A better dad in 2011

A better dad in 2011

Helping good dads to be GREAT DADS!

A better dad in 2011As we gear up for a new year and set new goals, make resolutions, and dream our dreams, let’s think about how we may be better dads.

I heard of one dad that gave his child a Christmas card that simply had “365 days” written inside. Upon opening the card the child looked up at his father somewhat puzzled. The father embraced his son and said, “One hour for every day of the coming year is for you son. I haven’t been spending enough time with you and you’re growing up so fast.  Every single day we will hang out together doing something we like to do for at least one hour.”

During the following year that card proved to contain the greatest gift that child could ever have wished for, as dad came through on his word.

Will I communicate more often with my teenager, will I be less grumpy, will I show more interest in my daughters activities? Will I make more effort to get home earlier to play with my kids? Will I commit to improving my work-life balance so my family does not miss out on quality dad time?

Will I get fitter and lose some weight so that I can do more physical activities with my child, and by doing so, add to my overall health so that I will increase my chance of being around to enjoy a longer life with my children and my grandchildren?

Will I be a good dad in 2011 or will I aim to be a GREAT DAD? What do I commit to, and how will I measure my commitment?

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