An inspiring story from a Dad

An inspiring story from a Dad

Hi Mal,

Thank you for sharing your ongoing story with us Dads.

Its nice to see your blog back and see you have pulled through a very tuff time.

Your story puts things right into perspective for me. Looking at our own lives, it makes you think about how important the simple things in life really are. Those everyday moments that we have with our children, especially whilst it is just a fleeting moment they are young. With the pressures of work and ever changing happenings in our lives – it is challenging. Your story is inspiring and uplifting to see that you are doing well now and remaining so positive. Well done Mal! Its such a credit to you.

I remember meeting you at Eastwood primary school and enjoying your discussions, I will never forget that time and will treasure it. Soon after that night I enrolled my son in guitar lessons and included myself in his practice lessons. Its been almost 18 months now and we have been spending time together consistently to learn this great instrument. All inspired from that night with you. When I think back I can still hear your playing in my head today.

The time spent with my 11 year old son has been so enriching and rewarding and our relationship has grow so much from this common interest. Doing this has switched me off from those everyday pressures and brought us a lot closer. Not only has this effect my son’s and my relationship it has contributed to a loving and bonding family time with the rest of the family. Onto of this we are getting damn good at playing.

Take care Mal and thank you, keep up the great work, your message is positive and enlightening!

Ken D

What a powerful story, I am inspired.
What new hobby might you take up with your child?


September 15, 2016

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