How to Care for a Smooth Baby Skin

How to Care for a Smooth Baby Skin

Baby’s skin is very delicate, sensitive, and easily affected by the environment. Here are some simple care tips you can do to help your baby get ruddy, smooth skin.

The first time you hold a baby born in your arms, you will feel your baby’s skin is dry, red, not smooth as what people often say “smooth like a baby’s skin”. Don’t worry, as your baby gets older, his skin will become smooth and soft. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive and may be affected by the environment. Here are some simple care tips you can follow to give your baby a smooth, rosy complexion.

Do not bathe your baby often

Bathing regularly can remove natural oils from the skin, helping to protect the baby’s skin. This can make the skin more vulnerable to dryness and can lead to eczema.

Babies’ bodies are not as dirty as you think they are, except when they are drooling and changing diapers, so bathing too often is not necessary. In the first month, a baby only needs to shower two or three times a week. For saliva and diaper areas, wash it off with water or mild soap made for the baby.

You should not wash your baby’s eyes unless directed to do so by a doctor. If your baby’s eyes are full of blisters, it is best to gently wipe them with a cotton cloth dipped with sterile, slightly cold water, using 2 different towels for both eyes.

Don’t worry about the white wax on your baby’s skin

After birth, your baby’s skin will have a layer of creamy white wax covered. Those waxes are called fetal sebum and they will naturally come off, you don’t need to run as hard.

You can use a baby comb to remove the dirt from your baby’s hair. This is an alternative to shampoo in the first weeks after your baby is born.

There is no need to use soap when bathing a baby

If your baby does not crawl much on the tile floor, you do not need to use soap to bath him. You just need to bathe with water and remember to wash your baby well in the skin folds such as the neck, armpits, and thighs.

If you use soap, use as little as possible, choose a mild, fragrance-free fragrance that won’t irritate your eyes.

Wash your baby’s clothes

Remember to always wash clothes before putting them on your baby, including new clothes, because you can’t know what the clothes are sticky or exposed to. You do not need to use special laundry detergent for your baby’s clothes, because most current detergents are not irritating to your baby’s skin. Therefore, it will be more convenient for you when your baby’s clothes use the same washing powder as the whole family. But if you want to be safer, you can use the right kind of washing powder for your baby.

Avoid the sun

Just like us, the baby’s skin is very sensitive to the sun, even more, sensitive than adults. When taking your baby out, put on baby sun protective clothing including hats, long sleeves, pants, and socks. You should choose lightweight materials so your baby does not overheat.

You should keep your baby in the shade always by using the roof of the stroller, umbrella, or standing under the tree shade. It is best to use sunscreen on the baby’s sun-exposed areas. You can ask the doctor what kind of sunscreen is appropriate for your child’s skin.

Moisturize baby skin

If your baby’s skin is dry or cracked, you can also use moisturizers designed specifically for her delicate skin. You can also use natural oils, such as olive or almond oil, to moisturize your baby’s skin. However, some products can cause allergies or contact eczema in children. You should consult with your doctor or pharmacist to choose the best product for baby skin.

Avoid giving babies an insect bite

Currently, some insect repellents slightly irritate the baby’s skin. You can give the medicine to your hands, then rub it on your baby’s skin, avoiding them into the baby’s eyes or mouth.

Take care of the diaper area

Wearing diapers throughout the day causes confusion and rubbing between diapers and skin, which can irritate your baby’s skin. To overcome this, you should clean the diaper area with water whenever changing a baby’s diaper, using good absorbent diapers to keep the skin dry and clean. In the case of diaper rash, redness much, please take your baby to see a dermatologist for the best treatment.

In general, to care for a baby’s healthy skin, you should follow the principle of “little effect means protection”. This means you should shower less, use less soap, wear diapers for a short time. If you need to use any baby skin products, you should consult your doctor before use.