New year’s dad

New year’s dad

A fresh start to the year. Happy New Year.
I have enjoyed a break over summer and am super excited at the year ahead and continuing to write the Good Dads GREAT DADS blogs. This blog site is now visited from people from 106 countries and the sale of Good Dads GREAT DADS, the book, around the world is a huge encouragement to. Thank you for the positive reviews and feedback. It means a lot.

Looking ahead at 2014, what are you going to do differently? What new goals have you set for yourself? Have you considered how you would like to improve, or build on the relationship you have with your children? Have you thought about what new activities you may be able to pursue with them. Are you able to get a little more involved in their school class, or, if they are older, what interests or hobbies are they passionate about and is there a new angle for you to be more supportive or more involved with these?I spoke to a colleague today who took his 5 year old son fishing for the first time off St.Kilda beach. After 2 hours my friend could hardly pry his son away from the activity. He obviously loved the fishing experience even though they caught nothing. I suspect that having the one to one time with his dad was a big part of the enjoyment for this little fella.

My encouragement to every dad this year is to sit down with your child, or each of your children, and firstly tell them that you would like to spend a bit more time doing something together with them this year, just the two of you. Then ask them “What is something you would like to do this year just with me?

Then make this activity one of your highest priorities and be sure to follow through. Enjoy spending more one to one time with each of your children, regardless of their age, in 2014. In doing so you will build some great memories together and a closer relationship with them.

I have been invited to contribute a regular article to a magazine as the resident parenting writer and have the opportunity to contribute to a new app to help parents develop their skills and relationships with their children. These are good opportunities to offer encouragement to others which I look forward to being involved in this year.

If you like the Good dads GREAT DADS blog please feel free to promote it to your friends and colleagues.
Have a great year being a dad as well as in all your other life activities.

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