Playgroups for Dads

Playgroups for Dads

Welcome to the Good Dads Great Dads blog. There are more than 100 articles I have written for you on this site covering many aspects of being a dad. Enjoy a scroll through them and I’m sure you’ll find something that will encourage you today.


Playgroups for DadsI recently had the privilege of meeting and spending some time with Ian Coombe, CEO of Playgroups Queensland (PGQ). PGG have an impressive 1000 playgroups meeting on a weekly basis. What an incredible achievement and good on all those people facilitating these playgroups.

I was inspired by Ian’s vision for developing men’s playgroups. Thinking outside the square of 9-5 when most dads are at work, Ian is promoting men’s playgroups that can take place on Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon or any alternative time that works for dads, their kids and their families.


Playgroups for DadsPGQ are aiming to promote “Blokes with Little Folks” groups. Ian says the benefits for men being able to enjoy interaction with other dads in the midst of sandpit fun, playground frivolity, finger painting and story reading are invaluable. I agree

Meeting weekly for an hour or so to have fun with a small bunch of dads and their kids is a great activity for many reasons.Playgroups for Dads
Here are a few I can think of;
1. Make new friends.
2. Be able to encourage other dads in their fathering.
3. Have a good laugh.
4. Enjoy just having fun with your children in the company of other dads doing the same.
5. Observe how other dads interact with their children and pick up a few tips.
6. Give mum a break.
7. Cultivate your relationship with your child.
8. Its good therapy and who doesn’t want that?
9. You may find you get some support when you face some of life’s challenges through the camaraderie and mateship that develops and vice versa.
10. You will get some physical exercise as a bonus.

To find out if there is a dad’s playgroup near you or to get help to start one up contact your state playgroup body.
Here are some of their websites;

When dads do it tough.

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