Potential Picassos

Potential Picassos

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Potential Picassos

The creative genius demonstrated on Junior Master Chef leaves most of us in awe. How can children so young be so incredibly clever in the kitchen? On face book I read of parents saying how their children have sprung to life in the kitchen inspired by such an influential TV hour.

The parents and grand parents of these culinary stars must have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours being creative with their children, delving into recipe books, smudging their way through egg yolks and pastry mixes and powdering their noses along the way with self-raising flour and castor sugar.

I believe that everyone has creativity within them waiting to be nurtured and fanned into flame. Sometime the creative aspect in life is neglected in favour of sport, school work, computer games or television watching. As dads there is a golden opportunity for us to nurture and inspire the creativity within our children. It may be in the kitchen, cooking a  plate-crowding pepperoni pizza, a serve of  sumptuous scones or, my favorite, a chunky choc-chip chocolate cake. It may be on the back deck with a large piece of paper, a palate of mixed paint colours and the squeals of delight as you slush all the different colours across the blank canvas with your fingers and feet all over the masterpiece.

In your household you may prefer quietly sitting at the study desk together constructing a model airplane or car. Perhaps together you could be designing a photo montage on the computer from a recent family holiday or you could make a cricket bat together in the shed. What you create is not the vital factor, it’s that you are creating something together that is important.

Creating something with your child gives you the opportunity to encourage them on a personal level and also about their specific creative talent.

This world is all the richer because of the creative people who give us so much to enjoy in the arts. What wonderful creative contributions will your child make to the world and what part will you play in fostering that talent along?

Being a Great Dad is about doing all we can to give our children our very best as their fathers. It is our personal investment in them, their development and their futures.

What potential Picasso, Jamie Oliver, Simon and Garfunkel or Rembrandt are currently living under our own roof.

Be creative with your kids while you have the opportunity to do so.

Please tell us what creative activity have you done with your child/ children lately. It may give some of us dads afresh idea.

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January 31, 2012