Tim Costello speaks about Fatherhood

Tim Costello speaks about Fatherhood

Encouraging good dads to be GREAT DADS!

I had the privilege of working with Tim Costello as a World Vision Staff member. He really got behind me when I launched Good Dads GREAT DADS and wrote the book. he has been such an inspiration to me.

Tim Costello wrote the foreword for my new book which is available worldwide and I am excited to report selling very well. His reflection on fatherhood is rather special. I thought I would share it with you.

Tim Costello speaks about Fatherhood

By Tim Costello

Australian literature is replete with stories of absent dads, from Henry Lawson’s tales of courageous women battling to raise poor kids with a missing father, to the modern-day phenomenon of workaholic absent fathers. Yet fathering is a man’s most important calling.  Seeing children grow and thrive is life’s greatest reward, and the rising of new generations is what moves humanity forward.  This is a book that addresses the task of being a father, and it is inspiring.

I find it encouraging that more and more fathers are taking a much more active role in parenting – something incredibly positive for the fathers, their partners and their children alike.  But being a parent isn’t always easy – knowing what to do doesn’t always come naturally.  And all kinds of circumstances can make the job harder, especially for those parenting alone, or who are separated from their partners.  So it really matters that fathers share their experiences and learn from each other.  Hopefully this book will make a real difference to many men struggling to make the most of the unique privilege and opportunity that fatherhood gives us.

Growing up I was fortunate to be very close to my father – who for a few years I saw every day at school as well as at home.  He was a powerful yet humble role model – a teacher by vocation, and truly a teacher by nature.  He conveyed to me so much about love and belonging, about responsibility and care, and about the joy of life.  He was always an encouraging voice, nurturing care and curiosity about the world, and affirming all of us as we faced life’s big challenges and questions.  He shared equally an enthusiasm for robust discussion about the issues of the day, and an unbridled love of sport.

Like many parents in today’s world, my experience of fatherhood has been very closely bound up with a demanding work life.  Life has brought many fascinating travels and experiences, but of all the roles one can fill in life, I remain certain that nothing can come close in terms of satisfaction and reward than being with one’s children as they grow to adulthood.

I thank Mal White for the gift he is offering with this incredibly thoughtful yet practical work. Mal has tapped into a deep well of reflection and wisdom.  I know that many will find this book a valuable help in enhancing their journey towards becoming ‘great dads’.

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